BogNations Infractions Database

Our public database of infractions across our servers.

What is this?

This site lists all the bans, mutes, warnings and kicks (Staff Only) across our BogNations servers including our main server BogRealmsMC. All data is updated in real time and is used for reference only.

How can I help?

Even though only staff can ban, kick and mute players on our servers, you (as players) can report suspicious players/activity right from the game. Simply use the following command to report players directly to us even when we're not online.
/report [in-game name] [description/report]

Ban Appeals

If you see your name on here our database and you would like to submit an appeal, please visit our ban appeal page for instructions on how to submit an appeal. You must have a validated BogNations (site) account in order to submit. We will not submit applications that were made by other players. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact BogNations support.